So here’s how it works:  Just click on the individual audio files to listen to my demos.  They are in no particular order so feel free to click around.  I’ve tried to include a wide array of different voice demos so you can get a good idea of my voice over style.

A commercials medley for those of you that don’t want to bother with clicking on the individual links:

db rent

Fressnapf Telefonansage


Siemens Image Film

Audio for Teaching Videos:

Linola Shampoo Radio Spot

Currywurst Automat for Siemens:

Fuji Film Radio/TV Spot

Siemens Mega Trends:

NF Naias 30 Sec. Radio Spot:

Rhode & Schwarz Audio for Image Film:

BMW/Jenny Holzer Werbespot:

Character Voices from Various Cartoons: